Delhi School of Public Health


Academic Brochure 2022-2023

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SOP for Postdocs of DSPH, IoE and the esteemed Mentors-Collaborators:

    1. Proposals and proposal objectives should be justified on the basis of the gap in the global knowledge, relevance to public health, and innovative translational face in case the questions asked are not original.
    2. The whole proposal should be presented after doing complete literature search and references quoted properly and at appropriate places.
    3. Methodologies provided in detail; and use of lab space and resources to be used in the mentor’s lab defined appropriately.
    4. In the proposal(s) a time line, resources, and budget expenditure be provided in detail. How the budget expenditure would be met beyond the contingency support provided to a post-doctoral fellow. Seeking a financial support from the funding agencies, ministries, industry etc, acceptable to the university, in collaboration with DSPH, is encouraged.
    5. Any industry/company related product development should be clearly discussed with the IoE and DSPH authorities in terms of financial support provided. This would facilitate IoE functioning, support the proposed translational research, and counted as earning through the DSPH.