The Institution of Eminence (IoE), University of Delhi, invites Major Research Project Proposals from faculty members of Departments of the University of Delhi in the following broad thrust areas of the Schools of the IoE.

  • Public Health
  • Climate Change & Sustainability
  • Public Policy and Governance
  • Transnational Affairs
  • Skill Enhancement & Entrepreneurship Development
  • Data Analytics (Proposed)


  • The call for MRP is open to permanent Faculty members of the Departments of the University of Delhi. However, teachers/scholars from Colleges of the University or other Institutions from India or abroad, who are active researchers, may associate with the project proposal as Co-PIs (up to 2).
  • The PI/Co-PI should have at least three years of service left before the date of superannuation on the date of application.


The PI/Co-PIs may apply for up to Rs. 35 Lakh for the projects to be considered under Public Health, Climate Change & Sustainability and Skill Enhancement & Entrepreneurship Development, and up to Rs. 20 Lakh under Public Policy & Governance, Transnational Affairs, and Data Analytics.

Evaluation of Proposals

  1. Subject to the approval of the competent authority, the suitability of PI/Co-PIs and the project proposal shall be evaluated by the relevant Screening Committee constituted specifically for the purpose. The screened proposals will be sent for blind peer review by two experts in the relevant field.
  2. The decision of the University/IoE shall be final. Canvassing in any form will lead to rejection of the application.

Project Proposal Submission

The project proposal is to be submitted online using the appropriate link provided on the IoE website “Proforma for Major Research Proposal”:

  1. The last date for submission of proposal for MRP under IoE, DU has been extended till 31st March, 2022.
  2. The duration of the project shall be for three years with no further extension.
  3. The budget-heads under which funding will be provided are:  Manpower, Contingency, Consumables, Travel and Miscellaneous under Recurring Grant, and Minor/Major equipment under the Capital Grant.
  4. All the equipment, major or minor shall be the assets of the respective Schools of the IoE, University of Delhi.


  1. The research proposals shall clearly spell out the outcome(s) or work culminating in high-quality research papers/patents/prototypes, etc.
  2. The proposed experimental work by PI/Co-PIs should be designed around equipment/machinery/ software already available in the various Departments/Centres of the University or workplace of the PI/Co-PI. However, the IoE may provide available central laboratory facility for research work.
  3. The project proposal outlined must establish an intellectual inquiry that shall progress according to the plan outlined.

Budget Utilization

  1. The PI/Co-PIs may procure consumables, equipment, software, books, reading material, pay article publication charges, and undertake travel related to research work.
  2. All the equipment/assets procured from the research grant will be the sole property of the University/IoE.
  3. The PI/Co-PI shall not propose to purchase air conditioners, laptop, furniture, home theatre, projector, mobile phone and television in the project proposal.
  4. The PI/Co-PI and the project research staff shall have freedom to present their research work at the national and international for a after prior permission.
  5. The PI/Co-PI shall take prior permission for payment of article publication charges.
  6. Travel grant (for domestic travel only) shall be restricted to collection of research material/data/attending conferences as outlined in the research proposal. Travel to hometown for fieldwork shall not be permitted.
  7. Hiring charges for unskilled labour may be claimed as per university rules out of contingency budget head with justification.
  8. The progress of research work will be evaluated through laid down procedure by the relevant research progress evaluation committee.  


The research publications/patent, etc. must be submitted, as and when available, to the IoE and the final technical report (FTR) to the IoE Secretariat within 30 days of the completion of the project.

The support received from the IoE must be acknowledged in all publications/patents/projects, etc.   

General Conditions

  1. PI/Co-PI affiliated with the IoE for the period of research project shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the University/IoE and shall in no way be entitled to any extension of the project duration.
  2. PI/Co-PI may seek reappropriation budget as per the university rules, after prior permission.
  3. The project sanctioned under the MRP scheme shall depend on the quality/merit of the proposed project and availability of funds with the IoE.

General enquiries about the positions may be forwarded to (i). Prof. Rajesh Tandon ( or (ii). Prof. Akhilesh Verma (