In continuation of the commitment to support and expand its research profile, the University of Delhi under the Institution of Eminence (IoE) scheme invites short-term research proposals (one-year duration) from the faculty members of the University Departments and Centers for the year 2023-24.

  1. Research proposals are invited from the faculty members of the University of Delhi individually or in collaboration with other researchers as Co-PIs (up to one) from within/outside the University including University of Delhi Colleges.
  2. The maximum financial assistance under this scheme for various Faculties/Subjects of the University is as follows:
      Faculty Maximum Financial
    Assistance (Rs.)*
    (a) Experimental Sciences†/Interdisciplinary & Applied Sciences 5,00,000/-
    (b) Theoretical Sciences†/Mathematical Sciences 4,00,000/-
    (c) Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary & Applied Social Sciences/Management 3,00,000/-
    (d) Humanities/Law/Others 2,00,000/-


    *Maximum financial assistance to a PI shall, however, depend on the nature of the proposed research.

    To be verified based on last three years’ (May 01, 2020 to April 30, 2023) publications.

  3. The proposed study should address an intellectual inquiry with a clear hypothesis and specific objective(s).
  4. The research proposal should have the clearly defined objectives and the expected outcomes to be achieved within the specified duration.
  5. The research work should be designed keeping in mind the already existing laboratory/ software/equipment/machinery/infrastructure available with the PI/Co-PI(s).
  6. The proposal is to be submitted online on the web link, namely:
  7. The last date for the submission of research proposals under FRP (2023-2024) has been extended till : August 05, 2023.


  • The PI must be in permanent service in the University at the time of submitting the project proposal and shall have remaining service at least up to March, 2024.
  • The PI should not be on leave for more than three months at the time of applying and/or during the duration of the project.
  • All assets generated from the FRPs should be entered into the stock register maintained by the PI and/or Department. A certificate in this regard to be submitted while applying for the FRP 2023-2024 only for the faculty members who have less than 3 (three) years of service left in the university.

Screening Criteria

  • Faculty members who are meeting the following criteria will only be considered for the FRP 2023- 2024 research grant:
  • Research Publications in the past 3 years (May 01, 2020 to April 30, 2023):

(Criteria of screening shall be based either on the cumulative impact factor or the number of research publications as mentioned below):

  Faculty/Subject Cumulative Impact Factor Minimum No. of Research Publications*#@
(a) Experimental Sciences/Interdisciplinary & Applied Sciences 15 7
(b) Theoretical Sciences/Mathematical Sciences 12 6
(c) Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary & Applied Social Sciences/Management 8 5
(d) Humanities/Law/Others 6 4


*The quality of research papers/publications shall be assessed in terms of SCIE/SSCI/A&HCI journals.

*Only original research articles will be considered. Review, correspondence, commentary, book chapter, etc. will not be considered.

At least, 50% of the publications should be in the capacity of First/Corresponding Author.

#A book authored in an individual capacity by a PI from a reputed publisher shall be equivalent to 2 (two) research publications.

@A patent (published/granted) / technology transfer by a PI shall be equivalent to 2 (two) research publications.


  • The decision of the reviewer(s) and the Proposal Evaluation Committee (PEC) shall be final.   
  • The outcomes in terms of publications/books/patents from FRP 2020-2021, FRP 2021-2022 and FRP-2022-2023 shall also be considered while evaluating the proposal.

Budget Utilization:

  1. Re-appropriation of the budget will not be entertained after sanctioning the project. However, the competent authority may allow re-appropriation to a maximum of 10%, subject to PI providing a proper justification for the same within 60 days of receipt of the sanction letter.
  2. The following purchases/expenditures will not be allowed under this scheme: video recording instrument, air conditioner, room heater, camera, furniture, home theatre, mobile phone, television, international travel, AMC, crockery, etc.
  3. The purchase of a laptop within a limit of Rs. 90,000/- is permissible only through GeM subject to the condition that the PI will not avail any financial support from the Department/Centre/IoE/University of Delhi for this purpose in the next three years.
  4. No arbitrary expenditure on stationery or photocopying shall be claimed.
  5. All purchases shall be done as per the existing financial rules of the University & GFR 2017.
  6. If the project involves fieldwork, details of the field/experimental site(s) should be provided. However, the budgetary requirement for the fieldwork shall not exceed the permitted capped budget allocation.
  7. Travel to hometown or personal visits or travel of the collaborators shall not be admissible.
  8. Travel related to attending a conference/seminar must be supported with the relevant documents (invitation letter, participation certificate).
  9. Travel related to the visit to a department/university/institute/center and necessary for the proposed research work/data collection/measurements must be supported by an invitation letter/certificate from the Head/Director/Vice-Chancellor of the said institution.
  10. Travel reimbursement will only be considered after the submission of the duly approved leave certificate from the SAMARTH portal and purchase of tickets as per the University of Delhi guidelines.
  11. The financial assistance received from the IoE must be duly acknowledged in all publication(s)/patent(s), etc. obtained/published out of the FRP.
  12. Any misappropriation and/or wrongful utilization of funds would amount to disciplinary action against the PI/Co-PI, as per the University rules.