Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance

A well-designed public policy and effective governance are crucial for a country to realize its socio-economic objectives. The Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance (DSP&G) is the University’s endeavor to contribute to the quality of policymaking and governance in an increasingly complex and challenging world. The vision of the school is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for learning and research on Public Policy and Governance. The School will serve as forum where the academic rigour blends with empirical evidence and the practical experience to promote the knowledge about processes of policymaking and governance. The objective is to contribute to the design and implementation of the public policy by providing context relevant policy inputs to the policymakers. The School will serve as a springboard of purposive discourse on effective and equitable governance from the developing world view-point.

Along with the formal rules and regulations, the research and learning programmes at the DSP&G will cover the informal social institutions, which are salient features of the governance in a developing country like India. Accordingly, the School is envisioned as a world class institution on Public Policy and Governance in the context of developing countries. The objective is to equip the lawmakers, policymakers and researchers with the knowledge and skill-sets to address the Public Policy and Governance challenges of the developing world.

The School shall be under the overall administrative and financial supervision of the Executive Council of the University of Delhi.