Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance

Prof. Ram Singh

Prof. Mukul Asher
  1. Public Policy Education : How it Can Help Lead to Better Citizen-Centric Outcomes? [July 28, 2022]
  2. Book Review: Market Mafia – How India’s Two Stock Exchanges, Finance Ministry and Regulators were compromised. [April 1, 2022]
  3. Aggregate Indicators of Services Trade: How Does India Compare With Selected Countries? [Feb 1, 2022]
  4. Select Initiatives Indian Policymakers and Stakeholders Could consider for Enhanced Energy Security. [Oct 13, 2021]
  5. Observations on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in Indonesia. [Jul 18, 2021]
  6. Robust Inward FDI into India in 2020-21 Augurs Well for Future Growth. [May 27, 2021]
  7. Trends in Global Remittance Flows and Cost of Sending Remittances in 2020: Suggested initiatives for India. [May 17, 2021]
  8. India’s 2021-22 Budget: Facilitating India’s Rise. [Feb 12, 2021]
  9. Establishing A Robust Management Information System an Imperative for India’s EPFO and ESIS to Meet Members Aspirations and Country’s Needs. [Jan 20, 2021]
  10. An Analysis of Demographic Dynamics of India and Indonesia. [Jan 11, 2021]
  11. Why Some Indian States Will Descend in Their Economic Rankings. [Jan 7, 2021]
  12. Shining Examples of Strategic Concepts of Atmanirbhar Bharat and Be Vocal for Local. [Dec 20, 2020]
  13. Pm Modi’s Suggestion For New Global Index at 15th G20 Summit Deserve Serious Consideration. [Nov 24, 2020]
  14. Jal Jeevan Mission Will Substantially Enhance Ease of Living With a Positive Impact on Health Status and Women Empowerment. [Nov 22, 2020]
  15. Challenges in Economic Management in Cambodia. [Nov 14, 2020]
  16. Uttar Pradesh State Emerging as a Key Growth Node. [Nov 8, 2020]
  17. How Gujarat can Sustain its Criticality and Relevance both Domestically and Globally. [Oct 21, 2020]