Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance

There is a felt need for a specialized teaching-research programme that addresses the various necessities and challenges of governance and policy-making. The proposed programmes in the School will be steered by professionals who have the requisite expertise and experience in public and private organizations such as government, academic, business and NGOs. It is aimed to equip students and researchers with practical understanding and high research standards and skills of governance and policy formulations in a rapidly developing world. The teaching-learning process in the programme will have a number of degree and short term courses with interdisciplinary and problem-solving focus.

The teaching and research will lay emphasis on analytical reasoning and critical thinking to address the demands of governance and policy. The University envisages active involvement and participation of leaders engaged currently or in the recent past with government, academia and private sector in order to provide hands-on learning on the functioning of governments and policy planners. The School will generate a stream of tomorrow’s leaders, who are able, enabled and effective in bringing long lasting positive change in our nation and the world.

School of Governance and Public Policy aims to provide high quality post-graduate training to young academics and professionals who wish to pursue a career in public service, including government agencies, international organizations and the non-profit sector. Drawn from political science, economics, sociology, public administration and law, its inter disciplinary curriculum, combining theoretical rigour and practical skills, is designed to meet the demands of complex public policy making.

Institutional Architecture

  • Primarily designed as an inter-disciplinary School in the University, it will draw academics and teachers from across the Faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law.
  • It will also provide an interface between the academia and policy making by drawing upon working professionals in the governmental as well as non-governmental sectors including industry for short-term teaching and research engagements.
  • It also envisages tie-ups with these sectors to provide internship opportunities for its students.

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