Delhi School of Transnational Affairs

Vision & Objectives

The School is to bring together scholars and students from the global South into a dialogue on transnational issues, as well as to increase opportunities for engagement and networking for scholars and students worldwide. The school aims to provide a platform for dialogue between global justice theorists, political scientists, economists, philosophers, sociologists, lawyers, development scholars and NGO representatives from South and North countries to share their views and work on key transnational issues.

The Objectives

  • To provide a virtual platform for cutting-edge debates on various issues of transnational significance, as may be identified by the Governing Board and its designated body from time to time.
  • To promote research on inter-disciplinary themes relating to such identified issues.
  • To establish networks for dialogue and cooperation among scholars and institutions located in different parts of the world.
  • To evolve and mobilize new, online technologies for training scholars in transnational affairs.
  • To organize national and international seminars, workshops and conferences on transnational issues.
  • To organize documentation of resource materials on issues of transnational significance.
  • To evolve new pedagogical tools for learning and training in transnational affairs.
  • To provide a dedicated blog space for students and scholars to share and debate ideas
  • To publish research papers, books, newsletters and online journal in the broad area of transnational affairs.
  • To generate financial resources from public and private sources both at the national and international level; and
  • To undertake such other activities as decided upon by the Governing Board from time to time.