Delhi School of Transnational Affairs


The year 2022 will mark a milestone for India and the University of Delhi as India would complete 75 years of its independence and the University of Delhi would celebrate its 100 years of establishment. In the last seven decades, India has emerged as both a regional and global power. India is one of the oldest civilizations with a rich legacy and contribution to the world in areas of mathematics, astronomy, medicine, science and technology, education, statecraft, diplomacy, democracy, and peaceful co-existence. With its vision firmly rooted in the philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” India today seeks a role in the international system as a “leading power” that is both willing and able to shape global outcomes. India’s growing global footprint is reshaping not only the nation’s aspirations on the global stage but is also significantly impacting the global order. Under the Institution of Eminence (University of Delhi), the Delhi School of Transnational Affairs aims to study and analyze the power and purpose behind India’s rise in the global inter-state hierarchy. Its focus areas include diplomacy and foreign policy, defense and international security, global governance and multilateralism, human rights and environmental justice.

Delhi School of Transnational Affairs brings together scholars and students from around the world to work on various topics of importance and explore the opportunities of engagement and networking for like-minded individuals. It aims to provide a platform for dialogue across disciplines by engaging political scientists, economists, environmentalists, philosophers, sociologists, lawyers, development scholars as well as policy practitioners from across the world to share their research and collaborate on key transnational issues that are important for India and the world. The school also hopes to collaborate with foreign universities for dual degree and exchange programs for students and scholars.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a virtual platform for cutting-edge debates on various themes of transnational significance
  • To promote inter-disciplinary research on identified themes
  • To evolve new pedagogical tools for learning and training in transnational affairs
  • To establish networks for dialogue and cooperation among scholars and institutions located in different parts of the world
  • To organize national and international seminars, workshops and conferences on various relevant transnational themes
  • To provide a dedicated blog space for students and scholars to share and debate ideas
  • To publish original and cutting research
  • To evolve and mobilize new, online technologies for training scholars in transnational affairs; and
  • To generate financial resources from public and private sources both at the national and international level
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