Delhi School of Transnational Affairs

The School is to bring together scholars and students from the global South into a dialogue on transnational issues, as well as to increase opportunities for engagement and networking for scholars and students worldwide. The school aims to provide a platform for dialogue between global justice theorists, political scientists, economists, philosophers, sociologists, lawyers, development scholars and NGO representatives from South and North countries to share their views and work on key transnational issues.

The Themes

Environmental Challenges

Global Justice

Transnational Organized Crime

International Migration

International Economic Relations

Cyber Security

Dialogue Among Civilizations

Political Violence and Terrorism

Arms Control

Rule of International Law

Conflict Resolution

Institutional Architecture

Primarily designed as a global think tank, drawing scholars from across the world.

Also, designed to provide an interface between cutting edge research and teaching by providing avenues for web-based classes for DU students by international faculty
A large part of its programs and research activities will make use of web-based technologies to overcome the physical barriers