Delhi School of Skill Enhancement & Entrepreneurship Development

The “DU-InSEED” aims to fill the gap in the current knowledge delivery at DU for meeting the immediate and the future challenges with ever-evolving programs involving all streams of education with training across faculties including Sciences (Biological Chemical and Physical, Mathematical and Informatics), Humanities, Social sciences, Commerce and Economics, Finance and Management.

Thus, wherever possible, all the Skill training courses proposed by different departments/Faculty/Centre of the University will be operated under the ambit of DU-InSEED. The Du-InSEED will take entire administrative responsibility and provide all the facilities, including Classrooms, Laboratory space, equipment and Technical manpower etc. The departments/Faculty/Centre shall prepare the programme in consultation with the team of Coordinators and will organize for the availability of teaching experts and the resource material. The proposer and the experts will be paid honorarium

Structure of DU-InSEED

  • DU-InSEED envisages a 2-part institute located at the North Campus and South Campus to leverage the expertise available in both campuses and with resource sharing between the two campuses.
  • DU-InSEED (South Campus) may develop programs involving Biological and Informatics Sciences, and some part of Social sciences, Finance and Management.
  • DU-InSEED (North Campus) may develop programs involving Physical, Chemical and Mathematical sciences, Humanities, Social sciences, Commerce, Economics, Finance and Management.
  • DU-InSEED shall also take responsibility of IPR, IPR-Protection, technology transfer / licensing activities for all the faculties of University of Delhi.
  • In-SEED will execute programs for skill enhancement, entrepreneurship development, incubation
    of ideas and start-ups, and protection of IPR.

Skill Enhancement

  • The aim for skill enhancement will be to impart training for learning beyond the conventional syllabus, and to empower the learner to meet challenges while seeking a job or for undertaking research to answer complex questions.
  • The skill training will be open to all age groups having basic knowledge in the area. There may be several tiers of skill courses starting from basic to advance so that any one can enter to acquire the desired skill. Skill Enhancement courses shall include both theory and hands-on training.
  • These courses shall be of 1-4 credits (16-64 contact hours of theory to be covered in 1-4 weeks with a test or 32-128 contact hours for hands-on courses to be completed in 1-4 weeks). There may be provision of late hours / weekend courses for in-service persons. The University may accredit the courses.
  • The DU-InSEED will partner with government and private funding agencies like NSDC to
    provide financial support to course participants and run high-end programs.


Incubation is a very important activity to apply the knowledge with skills to be on the path of entrepreneurship. The hallmark of all incubations will be not only the availability of facilities such as space, utilities and instrumentation, but world-class mentoring by University faculty. The DU-InSEED will offer several types of Incubation possibilities.

Student incubation scheme:

Students of Delhi University can incubate their ideas while carrying out studies or after completing the studies. The In-SEED will facilitate availability of infrastructure and minimal funds for taking forward of ideas. The students will also benefit from mentoring available from University faculty members.

Teacher Incubation Scheme:

Teacher-Researchers especially from colleges with funded-research projects can initiate their research till they are able to get adequate facilities in their own institution / department (details need discussion).

Start up / Entrepreneurs/ industry incubation scheme:

People with matured ideas, infant processes and technologies can rent space to perfect the processes and product development, and mature themselves into successful enterprises. DU-InSEED will not only provide space, but total guidance in all aspects including the subject matter, infrastructure, literature, networking with others, financial support and business connectivity.


A large section of youngsters have innovative ideas, and have required Skills with capability to convert their own knowledge / knowledge available in the free world for the benefit of the society, which in turn benefits themselves.

DU-InSEED aims to identify such people and encourage them by providing the right platform to hone up their skills, to incubate their ideas and provide them facilities and the ecosystem required for becoming a successful entrepreneur and create their own enterprise. For this, DU InSEED will have industry linkages and adjunct faculty from industry. Such an initiative would require hand holding to bring youngsters in the network with appropriate schemes to support them intellectually and financially.

The DU-InSEED will partner with government and private funding agencies to run high-end programs to support innovations and entrepreneurship development.