Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance


Faculty Members/Fellows and Associates

The School shall have Faculty members appointed as per the relevant rules of the University. The School shall also have Visiting Faculty/Fellows and Associates, the number of which will be determined by the Governing Body from time to time.

1. Visiting Fellows/Faculty

  • Scholars who have made notable contributions in the field of public policy and/or governance and the allied fields or those who have experience with public policy and/or governance may, with the recommendations of Advisory Council and approval of the Vice Chancellor be invited as Visiting Fellows/Faculty.
  • Visiting Fellows/Faculty may be invited for a period up to one year and not less than one week to deliver a course or lectures or take seminars or participate in such other activities that help in advancing the teaching and research work of the University. In exceptional circumstances, the duration may be extended to a maximum period of three years, with the approval of the Governing Body and the Vice Chancellor. They shall, however, not be members of any statutory committee of the School or of the University.
  • The Vice Chancellor will determine, with the approval of Executive Council, other terms and conditions as may be required, including the emolument of the appointments.

2. Distinguished Fellows

The Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the Governing Body may designate eminent experts in the field of Public Policy and Governance associated with the School as Distinguished Fellows.

3. Affiliated Fellows

Teachers and researchers of the University of Delhi’s Departments/Colleges/Centre’s/other institutions or organizations including government departments may be considered for Fellowship for specific periods by the Governing Body on the recommendations of the Advisory Council for enabling them to work on specific research projects for a specific period. They may continue working in their respective parent departments/colleges/institutions and at the same time locate their research projects in the School and participate in its programmes.

4. Fellows on Secondment/Transfer/Deputation

  • On the recommendations of the Governing Body, Fellows already in the employment of the Departments/Centres, Colleges or other institutions of the University of Delhi may be placed in the School on secondment/transfer or deputation for a specific period with full pay protection. They shall also be entitled for all allowances and benefits as applicable including continuity of service prior to their placement in the School.
  • In the event of a Fellow being selected from outside the University, such appointment shall be for a specific period on terms and conditions as decided by the Governing Body of the School.

5. Associates

Research scholars working in University Departments/Colleges/Centre’s will be considered for affiliation as Associates of the School for a specific project for a specific period by the Governing Body.